PTK Wood Company Limited has been certified to international standards in various fields. 

About Us

P.T.K. Wood is Thailand’s leading manufacturer and distributor of quality plywood products. Our product ranges from teak fancy plywood, veneered MDF, hardwood plywoods and other commercial plywoods. With more than 40 years experiences in Thailand wood industry, we are committed to producing high quality products at fair prices and to providing professional service to our customers in both domestic and international market.

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โรงงานผลิตไม้อัด ไม้อัดยาง ไม้อัดสัก และไม้อัดปิดผิวคุณภาพจากโรงงาน

key features of our product

Produce from real wood, using high quality raw materials from the best sources around the world

High quality, durable product with international standard quality management system

Minimal core gap with zero warping and delamination

Smooth surface, suitable for coloring and laminations

Easy to install, saving your time and construction costs

As we are manufacturer, customized items can be produced upon request

P.T.K. Wood

We had distributed our high-quality plywood to customers across Thailand and exported our products to buyers in different countries around the world

We are committed to continuously improve our products and services to meet and surpass all our customer expectations.