What is TIS plywood?

TIS plywood or full mill plywood Is rubber plywood that has been through the production And testing according to industry standards or TIS 178-2549 by the Thai Industrial Standards Institute (TISI), Ministry of Industry In terms of properties such as width (mm), length (mm), thickness (mm), moisture, and adhesion, etc.
Some people may be familiar with TIS plywood as “Bangna plywood” because before that Only a factory Thai plywood located in Bangna area, the only factory that has been certified. In the production of plywood, TIS 178-2549 under the brand “Chang Sam Siang” or “Bangna” brand, but at present, the Thai plywood factory has been closed and at present, PTK Wood Co., Ltd. Production of plywood TIS 178-2549 well known in the market under the house brand plywood.

TIS plywood is divided into 4 types according to the glue used in production. With different categories as follows

  1. External type uses an adhesive that is resistant to weather, cold water, boiling water, steam and dry heat, suitable for use outdoors or where exposed to water or spray.
  2. Moisture resistant type Use an adhesive that is resistant to weather, cold, boiling water, steam for a limited time, suitable for indoor and outdoor use, or where occasionally exposed to water or spray.
  3. Internal type uses a fairly good cold-resistant glue. Durable in hot water For a limited time does not tolerate boiling water Suitable for indoor use or where it is not exposed to water spray.
  4. Temporary type Use cold water resistant glue for a limited time. Suitable for temporary use

The current types of TIS plywood that are often seen. In the government sector, it is an internal type of TIS plywood. And external types by TIS plywood that are both bare And covered with natural wood veneer such as natural teak And Italian teak
In addition, each type of TIS plywood is also divided into 4 quality layers according to the characteristics of the thin timber that is made of the front and the back. With the aim of implementing the following applications

Grade 1 is suitable for demanding work Show wood face
Grade 2 is suitable for applications that should not be painted over or Cover the surface of the wood
Grade 3 is suitable for work that needs to be painted or covered on a wooden surface or where the surface cannot be seen
Grade 4 is suitable for working on wooden surfaces. Insignificant
Notes – pine family There is no need to consider eye marks in quality grading.

The quality of the wood in the job specifies that Plywood front and back What is the quality class? Cover the surface of the wood The back of the wood is of grade 4 for work in which the surface of the wood is not important or works that do not show after the wood. By the price of TIS plywood. Each type will depend on the quality of the front and back.
As PTK Wood Co., Ltd. is a plywood manufacturing factory. We can produce TIS plywood of various types and classes of quality. According to customer needs At present, we have been certified for Quality grade plywood from grade 1/1 which is the best grade up to grade 4/4 for jobs requiring lower prices. Does not show the crossbow on both sides.
We also specialize in covering natural tattoo veneer. Or Italian tattoo on TIS plywood for interior work And furniture work

Another factor that makes TIS plywood differ from the general plywood in the market is the “thickness”. TIS plywood has a full mill thickness, for example TIS 10 mm plywood has a thickness of 10 mm. +/- 0.3 mm according to the tolerance criteria specified by TIS, but the general 10 mm plywood in the market usually has a real thickness of only 8-9 mm. TIS plywood is a good choice for the job. That is strict in terms of thickness, export work and construction And decorate the government
Other properties of TIS standard plywood are: piece must be between 7-15%, gluing must meet the requirements by looking at the shear strength. And wood failure according to the table as defined in the standard

TIS plywood marking and labeling, every sheet of veneer must have the following information and marking in details to be easily visible and clearly visible.

  1. The word “plywood”
  2. Type by expressing the words “external” or “moisture resistant” or “internal” or “temporary”
  3. Quality classes are displayed in Arabic numbers. The page numbers show the quality grade of the face. The latter number shows the quality grade of the latter. With a separator / mark such as 1/2
  4. Dimensions (width x length x thickness) in millimeters
  5. The text or code shows the month, year of work or model made.
  6. Name of manufacturer or factory made or registered trademark
  7. In case of using a foreign language Must have the same meaning as the Thai language set above

At present, PTK Wood has a wide variety of TIS plywood with standard sizes and thicknesses as follows:

  • Standard size: 4 x 8 feet (1220 x2440 mm)
  • Standard thickness: 4,6,10,15,20 mm. (If need more thickness, can contact the company To do special production)
  • Adhesive: external (waterproof), internal (grade E2, E0, CARB p2 for export)
  • All quality classes: from 1/1 – 4/4
  • Covering: Bare TIS plywood, TIS plywood covering natural teak, Italian teak and other types of wood veneer. According to customer requirements

For more information about TIS 178-2549 plywood, you can download the specifications from this file.

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