What are the different types of plywood in the market?

Nowadays, in order to make the most of natural wood resources Thailand has turned to wood panels to replace natural wood instead of real wood. In addition, these boards are cheaper than real wood. Also has high flexibility And can be covered with some types of veneer
There are many types of wood-based panels. But the type that is commonly used as a raw material in the decoration and construction industry. And the wood furniture manufacturing industry is divided into 3 main types as follows

  1. Plywood, also known in the market as rubber plywood, is a product made by the combination of thin veneers and glued together. The thin plank is made by peeling the wood surface into a large round piece of wood. And each sheet is baked and rolled to dry completely. Therefore assemble next to each other in layers With glue to produce a veneer The different types of adhesives that affect the use of plywood. For example, common plywood used to make indoor furniture usually use normal Urea Formaldehyde adhesive. Or construction work that needs to be exposed to moisture, often use waterproof glue

    The veneer is dense. Beautiful smooth surface suitable for use in furniture production, the exterior of which must show the beautiful smoothness of the wood. That plywood sheet It can be divided into different types according to the application, such as plywood, cladding, decorative veneer. Construction plywood Furniture grade plywood
  1. Particle Board is made from small pieces of wood. The remainder of the wood sawing process was then crushed and pressed together with glue. Due to the manufacturing nature of small pieces of wood pressed together, the wood of the particle board is not as dense. And lightweight Therefore not able to support much weight And due to its rough and perforated wood, it is not suitable for nail bonding. Can not decorate the edge Or make a slit tongue on the skin But at a cheaper price than other types of plywood Particles are often used to produce affordable furniture. Currently, particle boards on the market are sold both bare And covered with various materials For example, melamine-covered partitions Particle Covered Wood Veneer
  2. Fiber Board is made from the use of firewood, twigs, or the end of the tree with high fibers and crushed into fibers. Then pressed with heat to form a wood sheet with glue In Thailand, most of them use raw materials from rubber and eucalyptus trees as their main raw materials. Fibreboards can be divided into two types of densities:
    1. Medium Density Fiber Board or MDF board It is a wood-based panel that is most similar to natural wood and can be used for a variety of purposes. Especially in the production of furniture Because it has the properties that are the most like real wood MDF boards can also cover the surface and back with different materials. For beauty and strength, PTK Wood has produced a wide variety of MDF products covered with natural veneer for beauty.
    2. High Density Fiber Board is similar to MDF board. But has a higher density Therefore can bear higher pressure With a density greater than 800 kilograms per cubic meter or more Suitable for use with work that requires a lot of weight and requires the strength of high wood such as floor, house, etc.

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